Smash Karts

Smash Karts offers non-stop action and excitement with its fast-paced gameplay, intense battles, and competitive multiplayer modes. Whether you're a kart...

About Smash Karts

Welcome to Smash Karts, the adrenaline-pumping multiplayer kart racing game where speed, strategy, and chaos collide! Developed by TurboDrive Studios, this action-packed game pits players against each other in fast-paced races filled with power-ups, weapons, and mayhem. Strap in, rev up your engines, and get ready to dominate the track!


  1. Kart Racing: Race against players from around the world in thrilling, fast-paced kart races.
  2. Power-Ups: Collect power-ups scattered throughout the track to gain advantages over your opponents.
  3. Weapons and Abilities: Use a variety of weapons and special abilities to attack your rivals and defend yourself.
  4. Customization: Personalize your kart and character with unique skins, decals, and accessories.
  5. Team Battles: Team up with friends or compete solo in intense team battles and free-for-all modes.


  1. Dynamic Tracks: Race on a variety of dynamic tracks filled with obstacles, shortcuts, and surprises.
  2. Multiplayer Mayhem: Compete against up to 8 players in real-time multiplayer races.
  3. Ranked Matches: Climb the ranks and compete for glory in competitive ranked matches.
  4. Social Interaction: Chat with other players, form alliances, and create custom lobbies to race with friends.
  5. Regular Updates: Enjoy regular updates with new tracks, characters, and features to keep the game fresh and exciting.

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