Based on the Wordle game, the Hurdle daily word game was developed. The game is quite simple. Eight times in a row, you must correctly guess a word. The game will show your time, the fact that you have figured it out, and what you are attempting if you are successful. Following that, there is an option to share it on social media. Inform your acquaintances of it! That does sound easy, though! The time limits and obligation to insert words that are already in the dictionary, however, make the game more challenging. If you try it, you'll find the best justification for why this online game has gained so much popularity.

What Is The Hurdle Game?
Due to its ease of use and the fact that everyone has just 8 daily attempts to complete the task, this straightforward hobby has gained appeal.

You have eight tries to figure out the secret word. And a proper five-letter word must be used in every effort.

Each time you hit the word, the text will be different, and the color of the letters will change to indicate this.

The right number of characters in the right place is shown in the green box.

The amount of correct characters that are misplaced is indicated by the yellow b

There could be letter repetitions. Each letter has no bearing on the hints. Every day, you can try to solve a brand-new puzzle!

The software will let you know which letters are present in each 5-letter word you enter. The letter will turn yellow if it is present but not in the right place; if it is present but not in the right place, it will turn green.


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